Featrued Book

"Luna Learns Latin" is a delightful children's book designed to introduce little ones aged 0-6 to the Latin language in a fun and interactive way. In this book Luna explores new words, phrases, and emotions. Each page features a colorful illustration of Luna engaging in an activity, accompanied by the corresponding Latin word and its English translation.

This book is perfect for parents who want to introduce their children to a new language while also building their vocabulary. The simple text and engaging illustrations make learning Latin easy and enjoyable for even the youngest of learners.

About the Author

  • RL Maduro

Meet RL Maduro, a father, a husband, and a children's book writer with a passion for the ancient world and a love of Latin language. He has devoted a significant portion of his professional career to studying ancient and medieval history, and has a deep understanding of the social, political, philosophical, and cultural developments that shaped the continent during these time periods.

Growing up, RL Maduro was fascinated by stories of the past, and he spent countless hours reading about the adventures of heroes like Hercules and Odysseus. As he got older, he pursued his love of ancient history, studying Latin and delving into the ancient stories and cultures.

When he's not writing, RL Maduro can be found exploring the world with his wife and children or delving deeper into his studies of ancient history. He believes that the stories of the past are still relevant today, and that by sharing them with children, he can help inspire a love of history and a sense of wonder that will last a lifetime.